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Private Lessons

Looking to separate yourself from the competition.  Our private and small group lessons focus on the skills necessary to do just that.  Tri-State Hockey Academy is experienced is all aspects of the game, skating, shooting, puck skills and position specific training. We not only work with players, but we can also customize a progression program specific to each players needs, to help them achieve both the short and long term goals. 

Creating your own small group is one way to ensure that like minded players push not only themselves but each other and strive towards the same end goals. These training sessions can be customized to fit the desired goals of each group.

Off-Ice Private and Small Group Lessons

Off-Ice Lessons will be held at the Tri-State Hockey Academy training facility. Off-Ice Lessons work on shooting, passing, stickhandling as well as   hockey specific speed, agility and quickness movements. 

Please reach out with any questions you may have, we will be glad to answer them and explain how this training approach will accelerate  your athletes performance on the ice.


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